A Different Kind of Mother's Day

What if we did Mother’s day differently?  Mother’s Day emphasizes saccharine displays of affection and appreciation, regardless of our authentic feelings. Today I’m imagining a mother’s day that allows space for grief as well as joy, for anger along with appreciation, for both longing and gratitude.  This is a call for connection.  Let’s focus on connecting with ourselves and those we love, even if it means skipping the platitudes and expectations.

We are all connected to mothering energy, in ourselves and in others, regardless of gender or life situation.  We all yearn to bask in that energy; the energy of creation, growth, comfort and nurturance.  Can we embody this energy on mother’s day and offer it to one another, grounded by a sense of authenticity and openness?

Let’s open our eyes and hearts this Mother’s Day for those who need to grieve the mother they never had.  Or those who lost their mothers too soon.  Let’s open our arms and hearts to the mothers who feel like being a mother is harder than they ever imagined, who don’t know if they can make it one more day.  Let’s extend our compassion to those who long to be mothers, but may not have the chance.  Let’s mother the mothers who have lost their children and live with missing those babes every single day.

Let's tell these mothers that we see them, that whatever they are feeling matters and that there is space on Mother’s Day (and everyday) for their beautiful, messy, complicated and whole selves.